We recently got together with the gorgeous Iana (pronounced Yarna) to discuss all things skin and how to get that flawless look on your wedding day!




1.What is the main thing you want your clients to know about when providing skin care for MUA application?

Perfect makeup starts with great skin. Makeup can only look as good as the canvas you start with. You don’t need to rush out and spend hundreds on skin care products and professional treatments to prepare for your wedding day. There are a few basic steps that will drastically improve your skin and it can all be done right in the comfort of your home. I usually recommend starting this a minimum of 8 weeks out from your wedding.

Weekly Face Masks are my fav. If you have more oily skin, clay masks are your best friend. If you have more dry skin, use a hydration mask containing hyaluronic acid. Face masks work best just before bed.

Never Ever, Ever, go to sleep without washing your face. Our skin goes into a repair mode when we sleep. If your face is dirty from makeup or just the general badies in the air from the day, all the good our body does when we sleep won’t work as well. Freshly cleaned face before bed will help to brighten complexion and maintain great general skin health.

Weekly Gentle Exfoliation, once a week exfoliate your face before bed, apply a hydrating serum or moisturiser, whatever works best for you and I promise, you will love your skin in the morning. SO soft!! Exfoliating your face will help to smooth the texture of your skin to give you that flawless makeup look we all want for our wedding day.


2. What if I have a big breakout just before the wedding? 

DON’T PICK!! If you get one of those dreaded blemishes in the days before your wedding, don’t touch it. Avoid squeezing or pressing as this can aggravate the skin and take longer to heal. Also an aggravated skin blemish is much harder to cover then one that hasn’t had the skin tampered with. Scabbed, weeping or swollen blemishes won’t take to the makeup and will be more visible. Makeup can’t cover swelling, so whatever you do, don’t touch it. Don’t give into temptation and just leave it alone and trust your makeup artist to fix it. If you wake up the morning of your wedding with a red and raised blemish, hold an ice cube on it for 20 second intervals for 2-3 minutes. This will help to reduce the inflammation.

3. What skin care do you recommend ? Should I get facials?

If your are looking at getting regular facials, micros or peels to give your skin that extra glow leading up to the wedding day, I would recommend starting these a minimum of 3 months out from your wedding day. If you don’t already get these types of treatments, you may react or break out only because your skin may not be accustomed to the extra stimulation. If you want invest in professional treatments, they will absolutely contribute and help to get more flawless skin.

4. I’ve heard that drinking water helps my make up stay on longer, what do you think?

YES!! Drinking water is the first and foremost step to great skin. Hydrating your skin from the inside works better than any cream or product you put on your skin. You can have all the very best skin care products in the world, but nothing will work anywhere near as well as the cheapest skin care product there is, plain old water. Drinking 2 litres of water a day will not only make a huge difference to your skin, it will help your hair shine and general body wellness. Getting into the habit of drinking plenty of water daily should be exceed past just your wedding day prep.

5. What if I have a bad night sleep and wake up with puffy swollen eyes?

Don’t Panic!! If you had a restless night from all those wedding day nerves, grab some green tea bags, soak them in cold water and place them on your closed eyes for 30 mins. This will freshen up the skin around your eyes and help to reduce any dark circles and puffiness, plus having 30 mins of time out will help to relax you. You could also grab a pair of collagen under eye masks to have on hand just in case, pop those on in place of the tea bags, this will also help to reduce those tired eyes.



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