1. Don’t plan to do too much the week of your wedding.

There is always so much to do the week before a wedding day. But if you can – outsource!!!!! There is always a willing friend, aunty, or even a hired vendor, willing to help you finish off those lose ends so you can sit back and relax with a good gin with your girls.

2. No matter what, you must eat.

A wedding day is a very long day indeed. And you don’t want your growling stomach to steal the show. Start the day with a good breakfast, and take a short break before you put on your dress to nosh on some protein and light carbs or fruit!

3. Take time to yourselves after the ceremony.

On your wedding day, you actually have VERY little time together. Strange – RIGHT? I always encourage my couples to schedule time in their day – just for this. Watch the sunset, while I long lens you. Or hold hands while you walk from location to location. Having time away from your bridal party to centre with your new husband or wife, is often what we all need on a wedding day! Don’t just wait for the wedding night! 

4. Hug your parents.

On my own wedding day, I missed getting a photo with my mum. To this day, I regret it. I will always make sure you have time in your day to be with your parents. The most important people next to your new spouse! They’ve been with you all the way through your planning (or in my mum’s case with me to Babushka Ballerina to buy my dress, to the flower markets, looked after Henry, and settled an argument between my sisters!) and they need that hug, this day is as big for them as it is for you….. thank God, Henry is only 5, I am not sure I’m ready for that day!

5. Hire a great team.

If you really want to relax on your wedding day, then you must trust the team you’ve put in place to execute it. Bringing on vendors that are reliable, experienced and talented will remove so much of the worry about what’s happening behind the scenes. You won’t need to worry about a thing. Just leave it up to us, and you’ll be in good hands!

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  1. Thank you Twig and Fawn, you guys are the BEST! Can’t wait to work with you again xoxo

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