As your wedding photographer, I’m going to ask you to stop trying to be so perfect.

Forget about all the little details on your day (don’t worry I’ll get them), forget about all the little purchases from that you’ve made (don’t worry I will see them!). I’m going to ask you to let go, let me do my job, and create magic with you.

I KNOW you crave connection and intimate interaction – how do I know? You’ve booked me!

I know that photographs that showcase your love at YOUR most authentic, is going to be so MUCH MORE AMAZING than a curated list.

Please relax and embrace the magic, of YOUR WEDDING DAY! 

As brides we can sometimes get caught up in the details, but I want you to embrace the less than perfect, to create those long lasting, REAL moments that reflect on your wedding day. The love you have for your partner and the connection you have. Trust me, these photos of connection are going to long out weight the list of shots, that you have pinned on Pinterest. 

Your wedding day is unique.

Your wedding day, should never ever be a replicate of someone else’s day. I want you wedding day to be YOURS. For your day to truely reflect who you are as a couple, and inspire others along their own wedding journey.

So, brides and grooms, I’m going to ask you this – can you leave your Pinterest list at home and place your trust in me?

Can you forget about the Pinterest day you planned and create some magic with me?









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