Twig and Fawn



1) We only accept a limited number of wedding clients per year (30 couples).

2) We support our local businesses and community. At Twig and Fawn Photography, we strongly believe in supporting local people and families – a portion of our profits is directly invested back into our Queensland Great Barrier Reef as well as our Australian Defence Forces.

3) We are 100% reliable.
Creative types can tend to have a reputation for being unreliable. Kate has a background as a Soil Scientist and Lee has a background as a Mechanical Engineer and Designer - both have worked on multi-mullion $ projects in professional careers that demand dependable and motivated team members.

Furthermore, our contract goes both ways. It is there to protect you, too, as it clearly outlines what is expected of us (turnaround times, number of images/hour to be delivered, and so on). Obviously we are bound to deliver our side of the agreement.

4) Are you a registered business and do you do this full time or is this a hobby?

Kate is full time and Lee is part time. 
Our ABN 45 169 619 292 

5) Do you charge travel fees?

We are based 10 minutes from Brisbane City, Australia. We charge travel fees for any event further than 30 km from Brisbane CBD. For every km over that, we charge the amount per km in line with the current ATO recommendations (; currently 68 cents per kilometre). We are happy to discuss individual travel-related costs at our first meeting, either in person or over skype.

6) I have put on weight. You can just photoshop that can't you? 

No, we do not use photoshop for our photo enhancement, which means, like us you will have to go to the gym! Lol!! 

7) What do you wear to our wedding? 

I dress mostly in black. Either a dress, skirt, pants from Witchery, Seed or Decuba. I will also only wear flat shoes as I am on my feet for the entire day. Mostly nude or black ballet flats. I wear a holster for my cameras and carry a small bag for personal items such as my car keys, phone, tissues, wipes. 

8) When do I get my wedding photos? 

I provide a sneak peek gallery of 4 images for thank you cards within 48 hours of your wedding. However we do not continue providing sneak peeks after this. We want to achieve consistency (colour, exposure) with your images, and want to focus on your images, and have found that by providing lots of sneak peeks it makes the whole process take longer. In you contract we state 12 weeks but we are in communication the whole time and quite often it is quicker than this.