I offer a combination of posed and non posed images, in combination to ensure the best result for you on your special day - My images don't adopt the airbrushed quality one sees in artificially lit shoots, but instead exude a painterly glow and ethereal quality. I use luminous, natural light sources and neutral, complementary tones to capture unforced, undone moments - that is where the magic happens.

My style is described as dreamy, soft, romantic and whimsical. We use a combination of film and digital media to achieve our unique look. 

The wonder of fine art photography is in the detail – the light, the textures, the gestures, the colours, a glance, a flicker, the curve of a beautiful dress, a wisp of hair in the wind. I wouldn't want to miss all that for sake of remaining conventional.
I am blessed to work with an array of clients who trust me to craft their stories. 

Our work together is a creative adventure; a true partnership of trust, realness and insight. That is probably one of the greatest gifts I receive from the work I do - meeting likeminded souls with an appreciation for authentic storytelling through beautiful images. 

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Extra large, wild and unstructured bouquets, girls dancing and twirling in their dress. 

lovely • timeless • darling

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