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For us, the real story of a wedding resides in the tiny little pieces that makes a couple whole. We know that a moment can pass as quickly as it arrived. 

Our photography work is my ode to femininity... to timeless editorials, to life's perfect imperfections and to the tiniest and most breathtaking of moments.

FINE ART | timeless portraiture 

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Whether you share my ethos, and want a beautiful, visionary and distinctive style of photography, or simply don’t want to settle for something conventional, I would be delighted to discuss your needs with you. 

I only take on a select number of weddings and portrait sessions each year. This means I can retain my holistic and consultative approach for each of my clients to make the most of their investment.

 I will never tire of capturing beautiful occasions overseas, so don’t hesitate to tell me if you are considering a far-flung corner of the earth for your special day! 

Likewise, don't be surprised if I want to know about every detail of your big day, from your choice of venue and colour-scheme to your dress, styling accoutrements and the groom's attire.

We can work together on the timings of your wedding and the overall 'look' in order to capture the most beautiful images possible on the day. These details - light, atmosphere, colour and texture - play a vital part in how your images will look and, as an artist, I want to achieve my best for you. I balance fine art details in my work, together with candid shots and loosely styled images, that have you and your loved ones looking your very best. 

One piece of advice that I give to my clients is this:

never compromise on your memories. Wedding days are glorious and happy occasions, but my brides and grooms often experience a blissful amnesia for part of it. Great photography allows you to re-live the moments that felt most special and to enjoy those you didn't see first-hand.  

My prices don’t include any hidden extras; and you will always receive me as your photographer, your editor and everything else in between. 

This allows you to know exactly how much your investment will cost you. You receive the full collection from your big day in high resolution, fully produced with no watermarks whatsoever. You will receive approximately 500 or more images.

If I can help make your memories timeless and beautiful, and if my style and working methods resonate with you, please feel free to contact me for my pricing. I can't wait to find out more about your big day! 

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