"Just one kiss. Sometimes that's all it takes for a heart to lose its balance. and sometimes we want nothing more than the chance to fall."

- jmStorm


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Katherine is the Principal photographer at Twig and Fawn Photography. She is a hopeless romantic, loves romantic movies, soppy love stories and hearing about amazing proposals.
"I am devoted to creating beautiful Fine Art on your wedding day that will be treasured by countless generations to come".

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A behind the scenes look at an engagement session at Noosa's main beach, in 2015 with Katherine. 

Fine Art Film Shoot by Twig and Fawn Photography / Video by MadRose Films

Romantic atmospheres

freshly picked wildflowers

Brides with veils 

My little dear

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Our Philosophy

WE STRIVE TO CREATE LASTING MEMORIES WITH EMOTION and we are just as passionate about your memories as you.

My style is described as dreamy, soft, romantic and whimsical. We use a combination of film and digital media to achieve our unique look. 

The wonder of fine art photography is in the detail – the light, the textures, the gestures, the colours, a glance, a flicker, the curve of a beautiful dress, a wisp of hair in the wind. I wouldn't want to miss all that for sake of remaining conventional.
I am blessed to work with an array of clients who trust me to craft their stories. 

Our work together is a creative adventure; a true partnership of trust, realness and insight. That is probably one of the greatest gifts I receive from the work I do - meeting likeminded souls with an appreciation for authentic storytelling through beautiful images. 

For me,  the real story of a wedding resides in the tiny little pieces that makes a couple whole. We know that a moment can pass as quickly as it arrived.

My Photography Work Is My Ode To Femininity... to timeless editorials, to life's perfect imperfections and to the tiniest and most breathtaking of moments.

I offer a combination of posed and non posed images, in combination to ensure the best result for you on your special day - My images don't adopt the airbrushed quality one sees in artificially lit shoots, but instead exude a painterly glow and ethereal quality. I use luminous, natural light sources and neutral, complementary tones to capture unforced, undone moments - that is where the magic happens.

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